udemy_logo_smallI had the opportunity today to host a Google+ Hangouts On Air with 4 of Udemy’s top income producing instructors. These are instructors that I personally admire, respect and am also very eager to learn from. My goal was to help other instructors like myself by asking questions about their success and what they would recommend for new instructors or those who might be struggling to gain their footing on Udemy.com. My hope is that webinar is the first of many more so we can help educated others become as successful as the instructors I was fortunate to spend time with on the webinar. You will be surprised that the instructor who earned $25,000 in October of 2014 only made about .34 cents his first month. In fact most of them only made a few hundred the first month they started on the site. We will talk about what they recommend to be a great instructor and suggestions on creating a great course and then promoting that course. Remember that what you earn is up to you and your results might be different than these instructors.

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Instructor Profiles:
Alun Hill
Dennis Smith
Grant Weherley
Matt Bernstein
Rob Cubbon

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